Beer Gardens

First and Bowl: TO GO! Meet us at the Beer Gardens!

We have some exciting news to share! This season, we’ll be a part of Milwaukee’s beer gardens. Our team has put together a variety of fun challenges for you to enjoy.

Week 06/04-06/10
Humboldt Park12pm-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Whitnall Park12pm-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Juneau Park12pm-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Froemming Park12pm-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Week 06/11-06/17
Humboldt Park11am-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Whitnall Park11am-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Juneau Park11am-5pm 4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Cooper Park   4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm12pm-7:30pm
Football Bowling, Basketball Connect 4, Cornhole Challenges! 
Challenge Prizes:
✔️Free Lane Reservation Gift Cards
✔️Beer Ticket

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