Football Bowling

How to Play

  1. Grab a teammate and find a pair to play against.
  2. Each team stands on opposite sides of the lane with 10 bowling pins on their board.
  3. Teams alternate throwing the football at the opposing team’s pins.
  4. The first team to knock down all 10 pins wins!
  5. Set the pins back up and take on someone else.

Open Play (most popular)


Get in and enjoy as much football bowling as your shoulder can handle! Wrist bands are valid on any of our open courts until we close that day. During free play, play until you lose. If you lose, just hop back in line until the next court opens up.

1 Hour Lane

$30 + $10 per person

Want a little privacy? Hosting a party? Do you simply hate socializing and just want to play by yourself? Reserve a lane for up to 10 people and after your rental period has ended, feel free to stick around and grab some food or a drink. This option also includes unlimited free play.

2 Hour Lane

$50 + $10 per person

Is one hour not enough? Make it two and we’ll give you a discount! The same rules apply–up to 10 people per lane and unlimited free play is included. Go nuts!

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