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Socially distanced company parties

Looking for a safe alternative to the traditional company party? Introducing our Socially Distanced Party Packages.

What is it?

An individualized package to gift to each employee and their guest(s) to enjoy on their own time. Our packages include everything a traditional company party would: unlimited football-bowling and other games, delicious food, and beverage tickets.

Why is it good?

The socially distanced party package allows you to recognize and celebrate your employees without the risks of large group gatherings. This solution also provides flexibility on when to redeem and with who: recipients can redeem packages any day we’re open and can even combine with their department, or other colleagues with whom they feel comfortable interacting.

What could they be used for?

  • In lieu of your 2020 company holiday parties
  • Thank you gift to employees or customers
  • Any other company outing that employees typically attend but aren’t possible in the era of COVID-19

What does a package include?

There are three tiers of standard packages to choose from below that include various levels of food and beverage. Purchases also include custom printed invitations and envelopes.

Still have questions? Need a modified package?

Call or text our Event Planner Tim Johnson at (317) 294-5786.

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