Golf Simulators

Indoor golf

Golf simulators at First and Bowl.

Get ready for a great time at First and Bowl! These simulators aren’t just for the pros – they’re for everyone who wants to have a blast and maybe improve their swing along the way.

  • No Rain Checks: Rainy day? No problem! With our indoor setup, you can play golf whenever you want.
  • World Tour Without the Jet Lag: Ever dreamt of playing on the best golf courses worldwide? Our simulators let you do just that without racking up those frequent flyer miles.
  • Graphics That Pop: Prepare to be blown away by graphics so real you’ll swear you’re on the green.
  • Chillax with Friends: Grab your buddies, snag a drink, and hit the virtual fairways together. It’s not just a game; it’s a hangout.
  • Your Rules, Your Game: Whether you’re out for a laid-back evening or a fierce competition, our golf simulators are your playground. You set the pace, and you play by your rules.

This isn’t just fun for a night out – this is the secret sauce for corporate events. It’s team-building with a twist, a chance for your colleagues to let loose and swing away. Imagine the office crew teeing off on a virtual course instead of the same old boardroom. It’s not just a game; it’s a corporate shindig waiting to happen!

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Let’s tee off, have a blast, and show golf what you’re made of!